Small Businesses have needs totally
different from Large Corporations.  But they still need the productivity enhancing tools computers provide.  Maybe more so.

Large Servers, Cooling Systems, Racks Full of Systems, Routers, and other devices.  These are Corporate level Data Centers.

Small Businesses cannot afford large data
centers, but they do need centralized
storage, backups, printers, scanners, email, web sites, and more.

Small Businesses need one, maybe two,  Servers with a Router and a Modem, located in a corner or a closet.  They need Internet access and they need to control expenses and licensing fees.  We can help.

Small businesses generally cannot afford a full time IT staff position.  That's why we are here, to provide IT services when needed, to maintain and upgrade existing hardware and software, and to add more when necessary.

We help you incorporate the servers, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and peripherals necessary for a working business infrastructure.   


Setting up Networks, Internet connectivity, Servers, Workstations, Printers, Scanner, Routers, and other Devices

Recovering Data


and more